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Wednesday April 24, 2002

April 24, 2002

Now I'm addicted to updating my web diary...I need to get a life...or do my work, whichever comes first.

The hot water finally came back 😀

There is something wrong with AA (no, not Alcoholics Annonymous, AsianAvenue). My page is totally screwed up for some reason, while no one else's is. Of course this happens to me. They better fix it soon!

I should doing my work right now, but I'm really cold and if I go under the covers to read my stuff I know I will fall asleep. Darn this weather! It's interfering with my study habits...well the hot weather was interfering too, but you know, it's not really my fault my room was a sauna and I couldn't concentrate.

OK, maybe I'll be able to read an article or two before bed. I'm just glad my class doesn't start until 1. Hopefully my toothpick bridge (don't ask) will work.


Tuesday April 23, 2002

April 23, 2002

ARGH!!! There's no hot water!

Tuesday April 23, 2002

April 23, 2002

current theme song: Athena Cage — Live Your Dreams

This is my time to make fun of my profile picture. I figured, I shouldn't put any more pretty pictures up of me, I'm starting to get sick of them. So here's a silly picture of me that I took last week when the weather was still nice. And yes, I know, I look like I'm 12 years old, you don't need to remind me. The fact that I still have baby fat at 20 years old doesn't help the matter either. Or maybe it isn't baby fat...argh! Yeah so I barely have any cheekbones when I smile. My hair is short and sticks out when they're up in pigtails (thank god it isn't that bad in the picture). Sticking my tongue out of the corner of my mouth is one of my favorite expressions (although it imitates a dog that I know). And I don't have any make up on and it doesn't seem like I have eyebrows in the picture. Yup, so I'm done.

Tuesday April 23, 2002

April 23, 2002

Another cold day. For a second I almost thought I saw some flurries, but I think it was some tree stuff floating by. I can't help but feel sleepy and want to just stay in. Oh wait a sec, I am staying and skipping my CS lab. Would you look at that! I figured I'd give myself a break and just skip for once. We're not doing a lab anyway, and I would just be drowsy, frustrated and just plain bored. Besides, I haven't skipped lab once all semester, and since I can't skip next week, might as well make it this week.

I have no motivation to do work at all and am really just procrastinating some more by writing entries like these. But I feel like this is good for my mental health, otherwise I would go insane. Unfortunately, since this is a web diary and almost anyone could potentially see what I'm writing about, some entries cannot include person sensitive info (ie me bitching someone out), as much as I would like to write about him/her. Of course it's better to talk to that person about it than bash him/her on the web then have him/her read about it. So yeah, I'll keep it to the humdrum stuff of my life, leave out the bitchiness that I can often revert to, and hopefully entertain someone out there. Hey, it's a good thing, isn't it?

Anyway, I'll write more another time. I should try and take a nap or something before I fall asleep in another class.